Food is a Cultural Expression

What is Taste Porto Food Tours

Taste Porto Food Tour is a 3.5 hour walking tour with your local guide that takes you away from the Porto that tourists usually see and introduces you to the real Porto. Your tour will bring you to 6 different tasting locations. In total you will taste 10 different foods and sample 6 different beverages.

At each tasting location you will taste an important element of the cuisine of Porto and the North of Portugal. You will also learn about the families and history behind each of the restaurants, cafes, and specialty food shops that you visit.

In between tasting stops you will hear about the history, architecture and culture while you walk the streets of Porto.

Taste Porto Food Tours is also a socially responsible business and 5% of each ticket sold is donated to a local charity that helps feed the poor.

A taste of the tour

Why Taste Porto?

You have seen the Ribeira, the Ponte Luis I bridge, and Clérigos Tower, now let us take you beyond the tourist attractions for a taste of the real Porto with one of the top rated activities on Trip Advisor.

At Taste Porto Food Tours we believe that food is a cultural expression and that the best way to experience a city is through its food. Join you local guide on a gastronomical exploration of the city.

We will take you off the beaten path and down the back streets of Porto to find the places that only locals know about.

And after a food tour with us, you will leave full, not only with food, but a shared love of Porto.

What Is A Food Tour?

Food tours are walking tours that lead guests through a city highlighting the local history, architecture, and culture in between stops at restaurants, cafes, and specialty food shops to taste the local cuisine.

Originating in the United States, the concept has become popular in Europe with almost all European capitals and major cities providing at least one food tour, if not many.

Food tours have become a mode of exploration for some tourists, with many opting to initiate themselves into a new city with a food tour. Allowing them to experience a sampling of what the city has to offer.

Ready to start eating?